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The Brave Space Fund


Camp has a special way of bringing magic into the lives of those who attend – either by enabling campers to build new and enriching relationships with others, learn new things together, challenge oneself to reach new heights, and commune with the natural environment.

There is no denying that it serves as a cherished and sacred space that those who attend yearn for in the months before and after it takes place.


Perhaps most importantly is the way in which camp allows individuals to express parts of themselves they may not express in the “real world.” Authenticity is a major part of the magic of camp and it’s important that camps can ensure that magic is felt by everyone.

As campers have found and embraced new levels of authenticity in their own identities as LGBTQ+ people, there are important ways camp directors and staff can ensure these campers also feel a sense of belonging when they show up each summer.

This fund is dedicated to supporting camps in building more inclusive environments for their LGBTQ+ campers. 


Examples could include, but are not limited to: converting signage, facilities, uniforms, and more to be LGBTQ+  inclusive.


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