Leadership Development

at Camp Summit


The Pony Barnes Foundation partnered with Camp Summit for Gifted Children in Marin County, California to provide hands-on learning opportunities for Counselors in Leadership Training (C.I.T.’s) for 2 one- week summer camp sessions.

Daily one hour meetings were facilitated by Pony Barnes Foundation instructors. for the CIT’s. Meetings were lead by the CIT’s whose mission was to create and execute interesting, fun and inclusive campfires each night of camp.

They were guided in their understanding of the value of playful skits and songs, as well as the key elements of planning, time management, rehearsal, outreach to other campers, execution and personal leadership style development. Songs, skits, joke telling, magic, juggling and storytelling were utilized as teaching tools for the CIT’s.

Each night after campfire CIT’s gathered to evaluate whether the campers

participated enthusiastically and whether they stayed engaged for the duration of the campfire. CIT’s also evaluated and reflected upon their own and each others performances.

During the week, CIT’s were also invited to lead various activities utilizing the

principles learned in their meetings. The PONY Principles were integrated into daily CIT instruction by the Pony Barnes instructor.

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