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Camp Lightbulb creates magical summer camp experiences for LGBTQ+ youth and families. Our week-long summer camps in Provincetown, NYC, and Los Angeles are a safe space for queer kiddos from across the US to let their guard down, be themselves, have a ton of fun, and make a lot of friends.

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The Rainbow Family Camp Fund
Camp Lightbulb's Family Camp takes place in Provincetown, one of the most queer-welcoming communities in the country, and is moderated by our trained and vetted diverse team of counselors. Our objective is to help any family with LGBTQ+ members to build lasting community and support. All this is set against the backdrop of queer friendly Provincetown, where each family can proudly let their queer flag fly high!


How does Camp Lightbulb's program support belonging and connections for LGBTQ+ youth and their families? 
Camp Lightbulb creates a sense of belonging and fosters connections by bringing LGBTQ+ families together in Provincetown, one of the most queer-welcoming areas in the entire world and engage them with thrilling programming that includes discussions on identity, roundtables with queer elders, beach clean-ups, hiking, whale watching, dune tours, bonfires, visiting the Center for Coastal Studies, fine arts, sports, and a dazzling sunset dinner.

Rob Williams

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