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Camp Natoma is an immersive wilderness experience where campers explore a creekside oak woodland and sleep outside under the starry night sky. Invigorating nature activities catalyze the development of campers’ resilience and promote self growth. Camp Natoma’s cooperative living community and intentional programs inspire creativity and service.

Our purpose at Camp Natoma is to build connected people through nature immersive and creativity-inspiring camp experiences.

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The Dr. Virginia "Pony" Barnes Learning & Leadership Award
The Teen Leadership Camp Experience will be a 2 night and 3 day weekend camping experience where participants will explore the natural world of Camp Natoma through hikes, geocaching and archery while coming together as a community of current and future LGBTQ+ leaders. It will be a collaboration between several youth and LGBTQ+ serving local entities, culminating in a first-ever countywide leadership retreat for LGBTQ+ teens at Camp Natoma.

How does Camp Natoma's program support belonging and connections for LGBTQ+ youth and their families? 
An adaptation of curriculum from Camp Natoma’s Teen Leadership Program will be the foundation to inspire a group of local, young, LGBTQ+ leaders and provide them access to outdoor programs and Camp Natoma.

We believe that Camp Natoma is the place to be your best and true self, and by experiencing the benefits of time in nature, campers form strong personal connections resulting in a community valuing contribution, teamwork, and service. We believe in a culture of respect and responsibility; encompassing our campers, their families, our employees, and the environment. We believe in practicing intentional kindness to appreciate the value that each individual brings to Camp Natoma. We believe in a positive and cooperative community that acknowledges and embraces diverse identities.

Emily Zbin

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