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Camp Ocean Pines is located in Cambria, California was established in 1946 to serve the community as a non-profit camp and a conference center. Our mission is to foster enjoyment and appreciation of the natural world among people of all ages through creative activities in a residential camp setting. We offer a variety of programs such as Summer Camp, Outdoor Education, Workshops, Group Rentals and Family Camps. 

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The Rainbow Family Camp Award
Our Pride Family Camp hopes to serve families with any queer identifying members to create a space of shared community, family bonding and to deepen relationships. We offer camp activities such as target sports, tie-dye and campfires but also our very own Pride Parade, affinity spaces and resources supported by the Gala Pride and Diversity Center. 


How does your program support belonging and connections for LGBTQ+ youth and their families? 
Our program offers a safe space for families to come and celebrate with each other. All our activities are rooted in our values of Connect, Explore and Grow which help create a space for children, caregivers, parents and loved ones to create deeper relationships during their time at camp. Families can come together and share out and be affirmed in their experiences and also celebrated while they are at camp! 


Erin Moses-Wierman

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