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What to Expect on Your Application

Application software doesn't always make it easy for grant applicants to view the entire application in advance of developing your final submission. We aim to make that easier and more transparent by listing the questions that you can expect on your application. You may also download a copy of these questions below, but keep in mind that final applications must be submitted via the online application by October 31st.

Below are the questions you can expect to see on your application.



  • Applicant's Name

  • Pronouns

  • Job Position

  • Phone Number

  • Email Address

  • Grant Coordinator Name (If Different)

  • Grant Coordinator Position (If Different)


  • Organization Details

  • Organization Name

  • Organization EIN Number

  • Address

    • Street Address – Line 1

    • Street Address – Line 2

    • City

    • State

    • Zip Code

  • Website

  • Phone number

  • What year was your organization founded?

  • Is your camp ACA accredited

    • Yes

    • No

    • No, but we are in progress and/or have plans of acquiring accreditation.

    • Other

  • List any additional accreditations or awards your organization possesses here.

  • Which of the following do you offer?

    • Residential Camp

    • Day Camp

    • Family Camp

    • Other

  • Describe your organization (mission, purpose, impact, and demographics of population served.)

  • Please upload your IRS Determination Letter below.



  • Which grant are you applying for? Please refer to the Types of Funding on our website for specific program details & eligibility before continuing. If your organization would like to be considered for more than one area of funding, you must submit an additional application for that fund.

    • The Dr. Barnes Learning & Leadership Fund

    • The Brave Space Fund

    • The Rainbow Family Camp Fund


  • Describe the proposed program to be served by this grant, including the purpose and expected outcomes, and specifically how the objectives of your program meet the objectives of the grant requested. Please also include duration, types and number of campers or staff impacted, as well as your specific need for funding.


  • How will you prioritize values of diversity, equity, and inclusion within your program?


  • Please upload a comprehensive timeline for key project milestones, including when you will implement the program (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, etc.) and goals and metrics to measure the success of your program.


  • Amount of Funds Requested

  • Upload an outline of your budget here.


  • Why is this initiative important to your organization at this particular point in time?


  • How do you plan to sustain this program with resources, staffing, and support over time?


  • Please include any other information you'd like us to know.



  • I hereby confirm and certify that all of the information above is accurate and truthful to the best of my knowledge and has been written and submitted by me, an authorized representative of my organization. I certify that I meet all eligibility requirements as specified on this application. I release this information to the Pony Barnes Foundation and its staff for the purposes of evaluating my application. I understand that the information given may be investigated and that any false representation and/or evidence of plagiarism is sufficient to cause for rejection of this application or forfeiture of all awarded funds.

    • Electronic Signature

    • Date

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