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Hidden Villa



Through our day, overnight, and backpacking programs, Hidden Villa Summer Camp provides a welcoming environment for children of all ages, races, gender identities and socioeconomic backgrounds to learn about sustainable agriculture, environmental stewardship, and social justice issues. At the intersection of our beautiful setting of Hidden Villa’s 1600 acres of wilderness, farm and gardens, is an ethos of belonging and inclusion. Hidden Villa Camp is designed to allow young people to foster connections to one another, and explore their sense of self - all while having fun!

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The Dr. Barnes Learning & Leadership Award
With support of the PBF Grant, we will launch a dedicated scholarship program for LGBTQ+ youth and support inclusivity training for camp staff. Funding would ensure that up to 20 under-resourced LGBTQ+ children and teens receive full and partial scholarships to attend Hidden Villa overnight camps next summer, which range in length from 12 days to four weeks.

The objectives of our program are to: 

1. Foster campers’ sense of self-respect and inherent worth. 
2. Ensure LGBTQ+ campers feel a sense of community acceptance and belonging at Hidden Villa.  
3. Build authentic connections and create opportu
nities for campers to forge new friendships. 
4. Empower exploration and learning about the environment and our interconnectedness to each other and the planet. 
5. Help campers’ develop leadership skills and learn independence. 

How does your program support belonging and connections for LGBTQ+ youth and their families? 

Hidden Villa Summer Camp is a flagship program for the organization, and has a strong reputation as a warm and inclusive community for LGBTQ+ children and teens, and staff. With LGBTQ+ topics as one of the 5 pillars of our program, we instill the importance of respecting others, a sense of belonging, and fostering connections to each other and to nature. Hidden Villa’s Summer Camp programs have provided a safe space for people in the LGBTQ+ community since their inception. Our camp counselors strive to create an environment that celebrates individual expression and open-mindedness. Our founders, the Duveneck family, were social justice advocates and supported the LGBTQ+ movement. We carry their values forward in our culture, ethos, and curriculum, which is why we have a reputation as a warm and inclusive community for LGBTQ+ children, teens and staff.


Jessica DuVal

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