Our Vision

We envision inspiring people to discover and embrace unique experiences that ignite life-long interests, growth and a love of learning.

Girl Hiking in Mountains
Sitting with the Daisies

Our Mission

We aim to provide enriching experiences for people of all ages that unlock leadership potential, discovery, creativity and growth.

We Believe...

We believe in cultivating the dynamic interactions between  leaders and learners in a variety of environments, with an emphasis on experiential learning and leadership development.


We believe that learners and instructors need to be listened to, respected and treated as individuals.


We believe that when learning is personally relevant, the experience has the greatest impact. 


We believe that the learning environments must prioritize positive word and action for all participants alike.


We believe that collaboration with others is a fundamental life skill and when executed successfully, can increase motivation of both individuals and groups exponentially, inspire life-long interests, cultivate leadership potential, and foster a love of learning.

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