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Family Picnic

The Rainbow Family Camp Fund


After running a successful camp for girls at Montecito Sequoia for 25 years, Dr. Barnes saw the need to transition to family camp programs, providing a nurturing space for families to connect, have fun, and create lifetime memories.


Family camp provides a key opportunity for youth and their families to connect in the outdoors, have meaningful experiences together, and meet others to build community. This is particularly important for LGBTQ+ youth and their families who gain additional value from spaces of belonging to connect with peers, engage in supportive conversations around shared identities and family dynamics, and more.

This fund is dedicated to providing more camp opportunities for LGBTQ+ youth and families to experience the magic of  family camp.

Additional Eligibility for Applicants:
In addition to the requirements listed here, each grant has additional eligibility requirements. To receive the Dr. Barnes Learning & Leadership grant, camps must:

  • Offer or plan to use funding to offer a family camp program serving LGBTQ+ families


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