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The Laurel Foundation

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The Laurel Foundation provides year-round cost-free mental health and social support programs for transgender/gender-diverse youth and families and youth impacted by HIV/AIDS and families.

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The Dr. Barnes Learning & Leadership Award

The grant from PBF will help support The Laurel Foundation's first Camp Mulberry Family Camp program, which will serve gender-diverse youth and their families.


How does your program support belonging and connections for LGBTQ+ youth and their families? 

Camp Mulberry Family Camp fosters a strong sense of belonging by providing a welcoming and inclusive environment where families can come together to create lasting connections. Through shared activities, communal meals, and collaborative adventures, families forge bonds that go beyond the campfire, creating a supportive network that extends well beyond the camp experience. With a focus on teamwork, shared experiences, and open communication, Camp Mulberry becomes a place where families not only enjoy the beauty of nature but also cultivate a profound sense of community and belonging.

Margot Anderson

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